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This episode starts off with the campers being introduced. Geoff (Played by Total Drama attack!) is the first person to step off the dock. He's greeted by Chris with a lot of "dudes". Next to arrive is bad boy bully, Duncan, and a bad attitude (Played by CJCS100). But he surprisingly plays nice. For now ... The next contestant is smoking hot, absent minded and could wear a bikini in winter if she had to...Lindsay (Played by Lindsaywonallstars.) Queen of mean Heather is next to show up and looks tough as ever (Played by ShelleyBug337). Gothic Gwen shows up next and is ready to win more then ever (Played by DramaDot) Not long after surfer girl Bridgette and her surfboard show up to play (Played by TheNextStep72)

After this is cranky C.I.T. Courtney (Played by Allen Bigtas). . She warmly accepts all the offers for friendship. Next up is nerdy Cody’s (Played by CodyIsHere.) He almost immediately grows an attraction to Gwen.